How it Works

Task Types

With so many different types of tasks there are endless ways to have fun with Scavify. Mix and match Photo Challenges, GPS Check-ins, Question & Answer and QR Code tasks for your hunt.

Photo Challenge Tasks

Photo Challenge tasks are open-ended and require a participant to upload a photo from their photo library or by taking a new photo. Points are automatically awarded after a successful upload.

GPS Check-in Tasks

To successfully complete a GPS Check-in task participants must be within a specified radius of a GPS coordinate provided by the hunt creator. Hunt creators simply set the longitude and latitude as well as a minimum radius for a GPS task.

Question & Answer Tasks

Question & Answer are text based tasks that prompt participants with a question, clue or riddle that they must answer correctly to complete the task. The participants' answers must match the answer provided by the hunt creator.

QR Code Tasks

QR codes are scannable codes that participants must scan to earn the points for the task. QR codes work well when they are printed out and hidden using the task description as a clue for where to look. You can also digitally hide them by placing them on your website or social media. The hunt creator simply enters a word or phrase and our hunt builder automatically creates a QR code to use.

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