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Scavify quickly creates a customized program and app experience that allows participants to stay motivated and engaged. Our employees enjoyed it and we achieved our goal!

All of sudden everyone was running around trying to figure out how to take selfies and asking where the bar code was to scan – it was crazy and exciting because we knew right then that this was going to be a hit!

Everyone had a great time, and the app worked perfectly!

The hunt was great! It went really well and the participants (all developers) thought the app was really cool. I look forward to doing again in the future!

Several of our senior leaders said it was the best event they had ever participated in with AB – which is quite a compliment!

It was an incredible tool for student engagement and we are excited with how much Scavify has contributed to our student culture on campus.

Scavify was a complete success for our freshman orientations. We had almost 100% participation in the hunts and students were more willing to interact with one another and they ended up learning more about our University. The hunts were easy to create and modify and greatly benefitted our programs.

Students enjoyed the scavenger hunt and had a lot of fun competing to finish the hunt despite the heat. Using Scavify made a three-hour long scavenger hunt for 600+ people super simple. Scavify easily turned that could have been a daunting and time consuming project into something that took a matter of a few hours in the end.

The students commented that it was a fun way to learn more about campus while getting to meet their classmates. The software and platform were clean, user-friendly, and gave our department some great photographs to use for future years. The company was wonderful to work with and I definitely recommend the program to anyone looking for something a bit different to enhance their program.

I used Scavify to help simplify our annual Summer Student Adventure, and it was a hit. The app was easy to use and the desktop services proved to be quick and efficient. Scavify helped our event go smoothly and without any hiccups. I would definitely use it again for future events. Some of our event participants commented on the app within our post-event survey, saying “I really liked the app - it was easy to use and made the hunt simple”, and “The app was really cool”.

Sometimes I come up with creative Teambuilding ideas and NO IDEA of how to pull it off! I was so happy that a friend recommended Scavify to help with the Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt for my department. I was able to pull everything together very easily! It was simple to share with my team and have them utilize the App and hit the ground running. We had a blast and we have lots of photos to prove it. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to create a hunt and I will use Scavify again!