Create a thriving workplace with engaged employees

Increase engagement and speed up development with an app and platform that drives interaction, education, culture, and team building in the workplace.

Happy Customers. Happy Employees.

An engagement framework designed for success

Scavify uses a unique blend of elements to create, drive, and measure engagement.


Connect with Employees

Scavify provides a way to directly engage employees and drive actions in the workplace that will help them thrive.


Save Time

With a completely automated app, Scavify programs create a better experience for employees without adding to your workload.


Fun and Motivation

Gamification, through challenges, points, and rewards, creates a fun experience and motivates employees to do more.

Data & Analytics

Measure and Assess

Use detailed data and analytics to measure and assess engagement in employees, programs, and the organization.

Achieve your employee engagement goals

Build programs that are more powerful, more interesting to employees, and easier to implement.

Accelerate Employee Development

Accelerate development with programs designed around education, social, and cultural development objectives.

Increase Team Interaction

Encourage employees to interact with their co-workers more to create regular team-building moments.

Strengthen Culture & Values

Consistently reinforce your company’s culture to keep everyone connected to the same mission.

Connect Remote Teams

Help employees feel connected towards a shared company identity using an app that can be accessed anywhere.

Get Continuous Feedback

Get continuous feedback from your employees to keep communication open on a regular basis.

Measure Employee Behavior

Better understand your employees with detailed analytics and data on how they are interacting with the workplace.

Happier employees, happier bottom line

When your employees are engaged in a thriving culture it resonates throughout the entire organization - including the bottom line.

Increase Engagement

Employees working towards the same mission with passion and enthusiasm are the foundation for a thriving organization.

Reduce Turnover

Employees connected to their company’s mission and culture will unsurprisingly stay longer, saving you thousands per employee in onboarding costs.

Increase Productivity

Unengaged employees will do just enough work to not get fired. Employees who share the company’s sense of purpose will do more without being asked.

The App

Drive employee success - increase educational, social, and cultural development.

Employees complete challenges, get points, and earn rewards designed around learning, team building, and other key objectives. The app organizes, displays, and keeps track of everything automatically so you don’t have to.

It was AWESOME!!!!! Hands down one of the best experiences the team has participated in and they all loved it. We have received great feedback on the overall experience and the app.

Gamification & Rewards

Accelerate Employee Development with Gamification

Rewards will motivate employees to do more, faster. Add incentives to your programs with rewards that are automatically delivered right to your employees’ devices.

Increase motivation
Recognition among peers
Celebrate achievement

Know what is going on across teams, departments, and organizations at a glance

Your admin dashboard gives you complete control and access to all of your programs instantly.

Data & Analytics

Make better decisions with data on behavior

Measure the performance of programs, individuals, key objectives, and overall engagement levels across teams, locations and time.

Top Performers

Quickly identify employees who are highly engaged and top candidates for advancement.

Information Retention

See what information employees are retaining and identify areas that need help.

At Risk Employees

See which employees are not engaging with the workplace and are at risk of leaving.

Customer Spotlight

Employee Orientation Program

ExxonMobil welcomes new employees to their campus with Scavify. Employees are able to quickly learn about the organization's corporate culture, explore important areas on campus, and interact with their new co-workers in a simple, fun and engaging way.

Explore Campus
Instill Corporate Culture

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