Drive virtual and in-person attendee engagement at your event

Increase virtual and mobile attendee engagement using challenges and rewards that make it fun to explore, interact, and connect with other attendees at your event.

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A better experience for attendees and event organizers

Build an event that is more powerful, more interesting to attendees, and easier to implement.

Increase Attendee Engagement

Make sure attendees are getting the most out of their experience at your event.

Increase Interaction

Create a fun way for attendees to interact with sponsors, the venue, and other attendees.

Drive Traffic

Drive attendees to specific locations during the course of your event and verify their visits automatically.

Motivate with Gamification

Gamification, through points, rewards, and leaderboards, makes the experience more fun while also increasing participation and motivation to do more.

Entertain Attendees

Completing challenges, getting points, and earning rewards for high-fiving new friends, solving riddles, and snapping selfies creates an experience attendees will love.

Highlight Key Areas

Highlight important places, events, and gatherings both on-site and off-site to guide attendees to the best experience possible.

Attendee Engagement

Provide a fun way for attendees to explore, learn, and interact with your event.

Exhibit Interaction

Encourage attendees to approach and interact with your brand or other exhibitors.

Conference Exploration

Supply each attendee with a mobile, interactive tool that highlights all the best parts of your conference.

The App

Drive interaction and a better attendee experience

Attendees complete challenges, get points, and earn rewards designed to get them to interact with the people, places, and information at your event. The app organizes and keeps track of everything automatically.


Keep attendees connected and engaged

Help attendees stay connected with the interactive leaderboard and photostream features, which let attendees see each other’s progress and photo challenges in real-time.

Social Media Integration

The hunt was great! It went really well and the participants (all developers) thought the app was really cool. I look forward to doing it again in the future!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Increase Sponsorship Revenue

Not only are you building an awesome experience for your visitors, but with customizable banners and logos, you’re creating valuable sponsorship opportunities. With the ability to add logos, clickable banner ads, and their own custom challenges third party organizations will be thrilled with your creative sponsorship opportunity.

Include sponsor's logos
Linkable banner ads
Sponsored tasks and challenges
Rewards & Gamification

Motivate and reward attendees

Add incentives to your program with rewards that are automatically delivered right to your attendees’ phones once they complete all of their challenges.

Mobile Rewards
Incentivize Attendees
Increase Participation

Monitor progress and make updates in real-time

Your dashboard gives you complete control to make updates, see all of the activity from attendees, and even launch interactive features like the slideshow or leaderboard to display to attendees.

Data & Analytics

Get a complete data breakdown

Quickly and easily view the data and stats around the activity of attendees at your event. Get a breakdown of the number of photos taken, the number of posts to social media, the number of visits to sponsors, and more to help you get even more out of the experience.

Event Activity

Get a detailed and real-time rundown of all of the attendee activity.

Survey Feedback

See responses to survey challenges neatly organized.

Visits to Sponsors

Track the number of visits to sponsors and other key locations.

Customer Spotlight

See why conference organizers and exhibitors are using Scavify

Operation: Distill - Annual Conference

Engine Yard, as a part of hosting their annual conference, used Scavify to provide a way for attendees to learn more about the event, discover some of the unique offerings at the conference, become more familiar with the venue, and make some new friends along the way.

Create Attendee Interaction
Encourage Venue Exploration
Fun Event Activity


Unique Social Media Impressions Generated

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