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Immersive video-based challenges

Thrilling video-based challenges, capturing unforgettable moments

From filming team showcases to capturing unique perspectives of their surroundings, our app encourages participants to push their limits and express themselves through the captivating medium of video.

Elevate Experiences

Ignite creativity and amplify collaboration

Move beyond conventional scavenger hunts as our video-based approach encourages individuals and teams to unleash their creativity, capturing and sharing unique moments through captivating videos. This leads to enhanced collaboration, stronger connections, and an unforgettable team building experience.

Video Scavenger Hunt Solutions

Engaging Video Scavenger Hunt Solutions


Points, rewards, leaderboards.

Team Building

Team building activities for employees and students.

College Students

The app makes it easy to organize and host.


Conferences, trade shows, and events.

Video Scavenger Hunt Features

Dynamic Video Scavenger Hunt Features

Effortlessly organize and set up your video scavenger hunt with our intuitive platform.

Immersive Video Challenges

Immerse participants in dynamic video challenges that inspire creativity and ignite imagination.

Collaborative Clue Solving and Teamwork

Participants can effortlessly collaborate on video challenges, share their progress, and provide valuable feedback to one another.

Engaging Multimedia Integration

Elevate your scavenger hunt experience with engaging multimedia content and immersive storytelling. Our app allows organizers to incorporate interactive photo and video based challenges, trivia, GPS check-ins, QR codes, and more.

Video Scavenger Hunt Dashboard

Track Progress and Video Submissions

Our user-friendly interface provides real-time analytics on participant engagement, video submissions, and completion rates.

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