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Our virtual scavenger hunt app drives interaction using challenges and rewards that make it fun for audiences to engage, interact, and connect with other safely anywhere, anytime.

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Virtual and Remote Engagement Solutions

Remote Employees

Engage employees, new hires, and teams working remotely.

Virtual Students

On-campus or off-campus student activities, orientation, and more.

Virtual Team Building

Boost team engagement when you can't be together in person.

Virtual Events

Engage and connect audiences at conferences and events virtually.


Why a virtual scavenger hunt?


Create social connections safely through virtual interaction.

Not Location Dependent

People can participant anywhere, anytime.

Fresh & Innovative

Not another Zoom meeting - and that's a good thing.

Highly Interactive

Everyone can participate equally and interact in many ways.

Outreach & Feedback

Check in with remote teams and get quality feedback from them.

Fun & Exciting

We don't do boring and neither should you.

Remote fitness! Snap a photo of what you do to stay active while working remotely

Anyone need a haircut? Video an at-home haircut experience

What is one thing you don't like about working from home?

Have you seen the updated company Instagram page? Scan the QR code in the profile.

What planet was the first to be discovered using a telescope?


Complete challenges. Get points. Earn rewards.

Challenges are designed to drive action around learning, exploring, interacting with others, and more. Points and rewards increase motivation, participation, and make it fun. The app handles it all.

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More challenge submission types than any other app

Mix and match challenges that educate, encourage exploration, create interaction, increase team building, or align with anything else you want to achieve.


Photo challenges inspire creativity and memorable interactions around your program.


Video challenges direct participants to record videos that capture their experience.

QR Codes

QR Code challenges direct participants to strategic locations to scan specific QR codes.


Question and Answer challenges are perfect for quizzes, trivia, and open ended survey questions.


Encourage participants to explore and find specific locations then “check-in” to verify their visit.

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice questions make your quizzes, trivia, and learning options more robust.

Live Photo and Video Stream

Keep remote teams engaged and connected with the live stream

Scavify was born ready for the demands of the virtual and remote working world. We make it easy to engage people anywhere in the world safely. Participants use the app to complete challenges anytime, anywhere. Other teams can follow along with the real-time leaderboard and photostream to engage with photos and videos from others.

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Monitor progress and make updates in real-time

Your dashboard is your virtual command center and gives you complete control to make updates, see all of the activity from teams, and even launch interactive features like the slideshow or leaderboard to display to teams.

Live activity feed
Live edits and updates
Download photos and videos
virtual scavenger hunt admin dashboard

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Build it Yourself

Use our super simple website builder to build, launch and monitor your activity yourself. Add your list of challenges for teams to complete, set your start and end times and launch everything into the app instantly - it’s that simple.

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Full Service

Professionally Designed by Us

Want our team to help with design, setup, and launch? Or perhaps just some additional assistance or peace of mind? Then take advantage of our Full Service to get everything setup and running effortlessly with help from our expert team.

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Ready-to-Go Experiences

Our team has carefully curated turn key experiences that are ready at a moment's notice and guaranteed to result in an exciting experience for your audience. Just another way we help make sure your experience is an effortless success.

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