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Elevate your event

Immersive, Automated QR Code Passport

By incorporating QR Code games, scavenger hunts, and immersive challenges, you can create engaging experiences that amplify attendee engagement, encourage networking, and provide exclusive opportunities for sponsors to connect with your audience.

Amplify Event Engagement

Encourage exploration, networking, and engagement

By offering interactive passports, such as QR Code games and immersive challenges, attendees are immersed in a dynamic event environment that encourages exploration, networking, and engagement. Our platform allows participants to interact with exhibitors, collect rewards, and compete with others, creating an exciting and memorable experience for all.

Event Passport Solutions

Custom Tailored Event Passport Solutions


Points, rewards for the passport.

Booth Interaction

Interactive challenges and QR codes at booths.

Promote Networking

Drive interaction with attendess and sponsors.

Maximize Sponsorship

Sponsor-driven challenges and QR codes.

Event Passport Features

Event Passport Features

Our platform lets you design exhilarating scavenger hunts, collaborative challenges, and dynamic quests that take students on a journey of exploration, connection, and triumph.

Engaging QR Code Experiences

Attendees will be thrilled to scan QR Codes throughout the event, uncovering hidden treasures and engaging in immersive experiences that make your event truly memorable.

Gamified Booth Experiences

Participants can share their progress, compete with each other, and post on social media, thereby amplifying the reach of your brand and establishing a sense of community around your booth.

Sponsorship Integration and Activation

Event Passport allows sponsors to showcase their brand through custom challenges, digital activations, and exclusive rewards. This integration provides targeted exposure, drives booth traffic, and enables meaningful interactions between sponsors and attendees.

Event Passport Dashboard

Gain valuable insights into your event passport

Our user-friendly interface offers real-time analytics on attendee engagement, challenge completion rates, and sponsor interactions.

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