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Unlock a sense of belonging and familiarity with our orientation app

Revolutionize college orientations, embracing the power of gamification to make acclimation to campus a thrilling journey.

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Acclimate and engage

Transform orientation into an epic adventure

Our College Orientation App combines cutting-edge technology, campus acclimation, and gamification to create an unparalleled experience.

Inspires your students from day one

Immersive experiences that foster a sense of belonging

By leveraging gamification and an exciting scavenger hunt-style program, we equip students with the knowledge, confidence, and connections they need to thrive in the college environment

College Campus Orientation Solutions

Solutions for Acclimating and Orienting Your Students


Points, levels, and rewards to motivate.

Team Building

Invigorate new and existing activities.

Self-guided Tours

Let new students guide themselves in a fun way.

Epic Events

Turn ordinary events into epic adventures.

Campus Orientation App Features

Features that help acclimate students

Our platform lets you design exhilarating scavenger hunts, collaborative challenges, and dynamic quests that take students on a journey of exploration, connection, and triumph.

Campus Exploration Scavenger Hunts

Our app guides them to important campus landmarks, hidden gems, and valuable resources, unlocking a sense of belonging and familiarity like never before.

Personalized Campus Experiences

Our app allows you to design personalized challenges, icebreakers, and activities that resonate with your students, fostering an instant connection and a lasting bond.

Real-time Engagement Dashboard

Make data-driven decisions to continually improve and make your orientation program a roaring success.

Orientation App Dashboard

Monitor student progress and optimize

Track student participation, monitor completion rates, and gain valuable insights to optimize your orientation experience.

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