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Immersive QR code-based challenges

Explore surroundings, solve clues, and unlock locations by scanning QR codes

From immersive challenges to seamless navigation, our platform creates engaging and interactive QR code-based scavenger hunts that captivate participants and elevate team building experiences.

Elevate Experiences

Blending technology with the joy of discovery

By utilizing our app for QR code-based team building activities, you can transform any event into an immersive and memorable adventure.

QR Code Scavenger Hunt Solutions

QR code solutions that create exceptional experiences


Points, rewards, leaderboards.

Team Building

Team building activities for employees and students.

College Students

The app makes it easy to organize and host.


Conferences, trade shows, and events.

QR Code Scavenger Hunt Features

QR Code Scavenger Hunt Features

Effortlessly organize and set up your QR code scavenger hunt with our intuitive platform.

Seamless QR Code Scanning

Our app provides a seamless scanning experience, allowing participants to easily scan QR codes and progress through the scavenger hunt.

Collaborative Clue Solving and Teamwork

Participants can work together to solve complex puzzles, decode messages, and overcome challenges solved by finding and scanning QR codes.

Engaging Multimedia Content

Elevate the scavenger hunt experience with engaging multimedia content and immersive storytelling. Our app allows organizers to incorporate interactive photo and video based challenges, trivia, GPS check-ins, and more.

QR Code Scavenger Hunt Dashboard

Track Progress and Optimize QR Codes

Our user-friendly interface provides real-time analytics on participant engagement, progress, and completion rates.

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