How it Works


Answers to some frequently asked questions.

Getting Started

Thanks. We like it, too.. Choose a hunt from our pricing page to start building through our step-by-step hunt builder or contact us for professional hunt setup.
You will be guided through a simple process during which you will name your hunt, add tasks and select the start and end times for your hunt on the specific date(s) of your choosing.
Absolutely! Our free trial let's you check everything out in advance so you know what the hunt builder and the app look like. Start Free Trial
You bet. Feel free to get started, save your work and then come back later to finish it up.
Once you have built your hunt you simply click “Launch” and your hunt will become available within our app for your players to search for and join. To get your players involved, just tell them to download the “Scavify” app, create their username and then search for the name of your hunt. Once they have located and joined your hunt within the app they will then be able to begin participating in your hunt.
Yes. You can do this by logging in to your admin page at and entering in the same username and password you used when you purchased your hunt. Once you have opened your admin page, you can use the editing tools to make changes to your hunt name, task list, or start and end times.
Definitely. Contact us and we’ll get you setup with a hunt that fits your exact specifications.
No problem. You can purchase as many hunts as you need and have them all running at the same time. If you are doing a large volume of hunts contact us and we can help get you setup as well as offer our volume discounts.
Our Professional Packages offer Custom Configuration which allows you to turn on and off the leaderboard, photostream, photo flagging and/or social sharing. This works great as a tour guide for players to simply come and go on their own time.
You can choose any combination of photo, question and answer, GPS check-in or QR code tasks.