How it Works

Desktop Access

Each Scavify hunt has its own admin page that the hunt creator can access via the Scavify website to edit their hunt and watch the action unfold in real-time.

Edit Your Hunt

After building your hunt, your admin page lets you easily edit your hunt prior to and during the hunt including the hunt name, start/end times, and task list.

Player Info

Your admin page shows you how many players are participating in your hunt and allows you to view every task that the players in your hunt have completed.

Photo Gallery

Once players start uploading photos, use your admin page to quickly browse and download individual photos in real-time.


Track your hunt by viewing the real-time leaderboard which displays the point totals that each player has successfully earned.

Full Service Setup Available

We are happy to help assist in the setup and execution of your hunt or tour. Contact us to find out about our Full Service solutions.

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