How it Works

Hunt Options

The Scavify platform can handle scavenger hunts of all shapes and sizes, and can be used to create hunts for many different purposes.

Competitive Hunts

Players compete against each other to complete the most tasks and accumulate the most points, and can use the real-time leaderboard and photostream to see where they stack up against the competition

Non-Competitive Hunts

The app’s competitive and interactive features like the real-time leaderboard and photostream capability can be easily disabled for an individual hunting experience

Tour Guides

Build a hunt with a list of tasks and challenges that creates a guided tour of the best hidden gems throughout your location

Marketing Campaigns

Interact with your customers by creating a hunt with tasks that encourage interaction with your brand. Customizable banners within your hunt connect players with your social media, website or other URL

One-Time & Ongoing Hunts

From one hour hunts to hunts lasting a year or more, we can easily facilitate hunts of all durations.

Small & Large Hunts

No hunt’s too small nor too big. We have packages for hunts of all sizes.

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