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16 Fun Virtual Conference Activities for 2022

Updated: August 08, 2022

virtual conference activity ideas

If you are looking for new ways to drive engagement at your next virtual conference event, utilize Scavify to develop a fun, innovative, and interactive scavenger hunt activity for conference attendees to participate in.

Here are 16 activities to engage your attendees using Scavify:

16 Fun Virtual Conference Activities to Boost Attendee Engagement

1. Snap a Selfie 

For a fun, ice-breaker activity, have your attendees snap a silly selfie and show it to the group. This will allow everyone to get to know one another and feel welcome within the group, developing a sense of community at the conference. This will help participants create connections through fun and immersive activities. 

2. Utilize GPS for Interactive Conference Activities

fun virtual conference activities

For an interactive challenge, let your conference attendees find the location of your business through Google maps or GPS. See who finds it first, providing automatic evidence via GPS check-ins that they found the right address. This is a simple activity, but it can help guests get familiar with your location. 

3. GMB Page Search

Once attendees have pulled up your location, see who can find your Google My Business page first. This will bring more attention to your brand while attendees view your page. Allow them to make suggestions for improvements and provide feedback with the incentive of bonus points. 

4. Add a Silly Riddle to Keep Conference Activities Light

To bring in some extra fun, incorporate silly riddles for attendees to uncover. This will give them a break from the searching, to take a moment and think. Add a hard riddle to test their brainpower, bringing in subjects that relate to your brand. 

5. Promote Your Business 

To get attendees familiar with your website, have them visit your link for a challenge, with the task of finding specific information that is somewhere on your webpage. Have them answer questions about your brand values, recent product launches, news headlines, and more. This will get everyone familiar with your company and helps to promote your services. 

6. Use Conference Activities to Advertise for Your Sponsors

Bring awareness to your sponsors by having attendees visit their website or one of their social media pages. See who can name every social media platform that they’re on and in return, they will earn extra points as a reward. This will promote your sponsors by advertising for them during the scavenger hunt. 

7. What’s Trending? 

Have attendees hop on Instagram or Twitter in search of hashtags that are currently trending. See what the subject matter is and what each hashtag relates to, for a fun activity to help everyone stay up on what’s trending while getting familiar with social media sites. 

8. Take a Pet Selfie for a Fun Take on Conference Interactions

virtual conference activities

For an interactive way to get to know every event attendee better, have them snap a selfie with their pet and get ready to soak in the cuteness that will fill your screen. This will not only get attendees more familiar with each other but with their pets as well. Who doesn’t love to see a cute animal on their screen? 

9. Conduct a Word Hunt 

Send your attendees to your website or GMB page to locate specific words or phrases. Have them keep a list of everything they find, to ensure they found everything that was required to complete the task. Again, this can help with website and brand familiarity by revisiting your page. 

10. Display Unique Skills   

Everyone has different skill sets, depending on their career or level of education. In this conference, have attendees share their unique skill sets while others guess their occupation. Once someone gets it right, have them search the proper job description and see if it matches the skill set you described. 

11. Take a Survey

Towards the end of your virtual event, have attendees partake in a survey to see how much they learned about your company. This will give them the chance to provide feedback about your website or social media pages. This provides a private place for attendees to be honest and express their opinions, to help your company continue to flourish by utilizing constructive criticism. 

12. Answer Multiple Choice Questions

Test your attendee’s knowledge of your brand through a series of multiple-choice questions about what you do. This is the perfect time to see how many participants retained information from previous tasks they completed throughout the scavenger hunt. This will also give attendees a recap, to go over the tasks completed throughout the day and refresh their memory.  

13. Give Away a Digital Swag Bag 

To thank your guests for attending your virtual event, send them a digital swag bag, filled with goodies they can utilize in their everyday life. This simple yet thoughtful bonus will help to show guests how fun and rewarding a virtual conference can be, even if it’s not in person. 

What To Include in a Digital Swag Bag: 

  • Virtual gift cards 
  • eBooks 
  • Online coupons 
  • Digital Wallpaper 

14. Create a Virtual Lounge 

One of the drawbacks of a virtual event is that it is difficult to network or meet new people. To change this, you have to get creative and develop a virtual lounge for attendees to mingle in an open environment online. 

You could utilize a chatroom, a private social media group, or a Slack channel, to gather everyone in an exclusive online space, giving them the chance to get to know one another and make conversation. This real-time interaction can make all the difference in your event, making attendants feel more connected with an authentic experience. 

15. Provide a Catered Meal 

One of the perks of attending an in-person conference is typically the catered meal. Attendees look forward to this, to indulge in a rich dessert or try something new. 

To recreate this experience, virtually, you could partner with a food delivery service, such as DoorDash or UberEats, to bring a warm meal to your attendees through this technology. By providing your attendants with a catered meal, they will feel appreciated and well-nourished, giving their full attention to the virtual event. 

Even if your event isn’t in person, you can continue similar traditions and make guests feel welcome.

16. Make an Ebook Club 

After attending every in-person conference, it is common to take home a book or two. While doing things online, this may not seem possible, but that is the innovative beauty of Ebooks. 

Give guests the chance to bring books home, by offering the option to buy or freely download digital books. You could include books by your guest speakers, case studies, or works by industry experts. Make sure the books you choose will be educational and inspirational, connecting ideas to what was discussed during the virtual event. 

Using Scavify for Your Next Virtual Conference Event


If you are looking for new ways to drive engagement at your next virtual conference event, utilize Scavify to develop a fun, innovative, and interactive scavenger hunt activity for conference attendees to participate in. 

Scavify is an app with an unconventional take on the traditional scavenger hunt. It is customizable and immersive, allowing your company to increase virtual conference participation and engagement rates.

Using the Scavify online scavenger hunt builder, you will create challenges, tasks, and rewards for your personalized scavenger hunt that virtual conference attendees will take part in. This will allow attendees to connect and interact with one another while learning more about your company, your long-term goals, and the sponsors that support you. 

With the Scavify app, you can put together a fun and engaging virtual conference activity for everyone to enjoy. This will help promote your company,  pay tribute to your sponsors, and engage with your virtual conference attendees. With our easy-to-use and simple design, you will develop an immersive scavenger hunt experience to connect with your virtual conference attendees, even if they’re miles away. 

Increasing Attendee Engagement with Scavify 

By working with the Scavify app, you can develop a better experience for your next virtual conference event. Through fun and engaging activities, you will build an event that is interesting, interactive, and entertaining. 

  • Increase engagement rates by developing an immersive experience for all attendees 
  • Help attendees connect and interact with multiple platforms 
  • Drive traffic to specific websites, promoting your company and your sponsors 
  • Motivate attendees with the incentive of gamification, giving them the chance to earn points/rewards by completing tasks or challenges successfully 
  • Highlight important places, events, or information about your company, keeping attendees interested in learning more about what you do 

Helping You Reach Your Goals

By utilizing the savvy, user-friendly technology of Scavify, we can help you increase brand awareness, bring attention to your sponsors, and develop a fun event that allows conference attendees to connect and create relationships. 

We have a few goals that we continuously keep in mind to help your company find success in its virtual conference events. We want to help you reach these goals with ease. 

  • Create a fun, innovative way for virtual conference attendees to interact with one another 
  • Encourage attendees to interact with your brand and your sponsors
  • Give attendees a mobile tool that will help them highlight the most important parts of their virtual conference experience

Developing a Memorable Virtual Experience with Scavify

With Scavify, you can create a personalized scavenger hunt made specifically for your virtual conference event to increase attendee participation and engagement. 

Gamification using Challenges, Points, and Rewards

As virtual conference attendees go through the list of tasks and challenges in the Scavify app, they will earn points and in turn, receive rewards for their success. This will drive attendees to be motivated and enthusiastic about the activities taking place during the virtual conference. 

Photos, Videos, Q&A, GPS, QR Codes, and more

You can develop any challenge you want including photos, videos, QR codes, Q&A, GPS, or multiple-choice questions. With this versatility, you can create an enjoyable activity that every attendee will enjoy participating in. There will also be a sense of gamification, emphasizing the importance of completing challenges, getting points, and earning rewards. 

Attendee Engagement and Participation Analytics

Our easy-to-use and innovative app will even keep track of completed tasks and points earned while monitoring activity on the dashboard. This will help you stay organized while you keep track of numbers and activity on the app, to get a better understanding of engagement and participation rates. You will see how successful your scavenger hunt was and how it helped to promote your company. 

Remember to take notes and constantly look for ways to improve your scavenger hunt. This will help you develop an even better experience for your next event, reaching more goals and creating more connections.

How Will Your Company Benefit from Using Scavify? 

If you are looking for new ways to engage with your virtual conference attendees, you need to implement fun, interactive, and entertaining activities for them to participate in. Utilize Scavify to successfully integrate fun activities into your virtual conference agenda. We can help you develop a custom scavenger hunt that will keep attendees engaged as they learn more about your company. 

Scavify will allow you to bring awareness to your brand, with the simplicity of a scavenger hunt. There are many benefits of working with a fun, interactive, and innovative app that lets you create a custom activity for virtual conference attendees to partake in. 

1. Create Virtual Connections 

When your conference attendees join forces to participate in your scavenger hunt, they will make virtual connections by interacting through our app. They will have access to leaderboards, photostreams, and an activity feed, to easily keep track of their score and monitor other participant’s progress. 

2. Showcase Your Sponsors

With Scavify, we give you the option to include customized logos or banners on your dashboard to promote your sponsors online. You can show off a brand logo, add a clickable banner ad, or create a challenge specifically for them. This is a brilliant way to shed light on your sponsors, simply and effectively. 

3. Motivate Participants and Increase Engagement

By adding incentive to your scavenger hunt with rewards, you will motivate more attendees to participate while increasing engagement rates as a result. As attendees complete the scavenger hunt successfully, they will automatically be sent rewards through Scavify’s savvy technology. 

4. Keep Track of Your Dashboard Easily 

With our organized and user-friendly layout, you can keep track of your scavenger hunt dashboard with updates on scores and participant’s progress. This gives you the chance to see your scavenger hunt results in real-time and launch interactive features. 

Enhancing Your Virtual Conference Event With Fun Activities

virtual conference activities that are fun

To develop a successful virtual conference event for your company, enlist the help of Scavify to create an immersive and interactive scavenger hunt for participants to engage in. This will help provide a sense of community as attendees complete virtual challenges and get to know one another better. They will also gain a better understanding of your company, your goals, and the sponsors you are actively working with. 

Promote Your Brand

You will have the opportunity to curate challenges and tasks that focus on getting attendees familiar with your company, your website, and your social media. Not only will this increase traffic to your landing page, but it will increase your brand awareness and bring credibility to your name. This will give you more exposure, with the help of Scavify’s savvy technology and interactive activities. 

Reach Your Audience

We can help you reach your audience, connect with them, and educate them about your company. We have the tools to help you see increased engagement rates, with the incentive of rewards and prizes at the end of the scavenger hunt. We keep track of points and scores so you don’t have to, allowing you to enjoy the activity you organized with ease. Winners will be notified and automatically rewarded using the intelligence of our app. 

Motivate Attendees

Let the Scavify team help you introduce an interactive and immersive activity for all virtual conference attendees to participate in. Give them the motivation to join in on the fun with incentives and rewards.

With our easy-to-use app, all it takes is a couple of clicks until you’re ready to present your next activity to your virtual conference guests. Use our online tools to bring attendees together, connecting them through virtual activities you created with Scavify.

Get Started

Visit Scavify’s website to contact their team and get started creating a custom scavenger hunt for your next virtual conference event. We have what it takes to help you develop a fun, one-of-a-kind activity that everyone can enjoy. We will help you create a community surrounding your company, to promote your brand and build a successful future.

Building a Scavenger Hunt?

Scavify is the world's most interactive and trusted scavenger hunt app. Contact us today for a demo, free trial, and pricing.


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