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101 Epic Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

Updated: December 13, 2022

Christmas scavenger hunts can be some of the most fun of all. If you are planning a really enjoyable scavenger hunt event for your workplace, friends, family, or students, you will need some clues to use during the hunt.

Make sure that you don’t forget fun prizes to make everyone even more excited to complete the tasks of your scavenger hunt game.

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What Are Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues?

Christmas scavenger hunt clues send teams through the stages of your scavenger hunting experience, and they offer a more unique kind of fun than just providing a list of things that people need to find to satisfy the rules of the game. Your clues can be creative, rhyme, and might be like riddles that might need to be solved!

How to Make Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

Making these clues doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can write your own custom riddles and clues, or you can use templates for your clues. There are so many ways to make clues for a themed scavenger hunt that you will have no trouble coming up with really exciting ways to explain to your teams where to go next!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

  1. When toy production is in full swing in December, there is no time for issues. Even if you don’t have the sniffles, check where you keep the tissues.
  2. Love and magic are common at Christmas of this much you can be certain. Check on the inside of your window curtains!
  3. Load the sleigh with toys, and the elves will use their well-thought-out plan. Working hard can be hot so look for your clue on the cooling fan.
  4. You’ve been all over the home, but you are not done as of yet. The next clue is not under the chairs, and you might have to look high and low for your next clue. Let me give you a hint, it’s under your shoe!
  5. Your very first clue is located beneath the classic and round decoration that is also known as a wreath.
  6. The elves are working hard because those presents are a lot to handle! Light the way to your clue when you look under the candle.
  7. Scrooge can be a grump and say Bah Humbug! Be merrier than him when searching under a cup, better known as a mug.
  8. The kids are nestled in their beds nice and snug. You will want to look at the floor under the covering that we call a rug.
  9. Dasher, the dancer, and the rest of the reindeer are seasoned pros rather than rookies. You should look at where we keep the cookies.
  10. ‘Twas the night before Christmas is a tale that is often told in verse. The next clue is found in your mom’s purse.
  11. I am an egg but I am always drunk. What am I? – eggnog
  12. It has a body and crispy arms. It also has white eyes and funny feet. You might love to eat this item as a winter treat. – gingerbread man
  13. You can peel off its skin and it won’t cry. Peeling its skin will make you work in a pool of tears while making a Christmas meal. -onion
  14. You can hold me and shake but I can be easy to break. I have lots of snow inside me but it is all fake. – snowglobe
  15. If December 31st is at the end of the calendar year, what is at the end of Christmas? – the letter S
  16. You can catch me very easily around the holidays. You can never throw me. -a cold
  17. When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving? – in the dictionary
  18. What Christmas Carol offers a fervent hope that you will love your holiday season? – We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  19. I am shiny and bright and can be strung up to enjoy the night. What am I? – Christmas lights
  20. What is every parent’s favorite Christmas carol? – Silent Night
  21. How might Christmas bells announce they want to stay in touch? – Give me a ring!
  22. How do snowglobes feel about Christmas? – a little shaken
  23. What is the perfect thing to put in a Christmas pie? – your teeth
  24. I am tall when I am young and short when I am old. What am I ? – a candle
  25. What might you call the fear of Santa Claus? – Claustrophobia

Christmas scavenger

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Rhyming Clues

  1. Brr! It’s getting quite chilly. Check the front porch, and don’t be silly!
  2. I know you want to come inside, but you need to check the car that you will need to drive!
  3. Santa has a sleigh full of presents that he needs to give. You should be sure to check on where your clothes are left to live.
  4. You want to be on the list of kids who are nice. You might want to check where you keep the ice.
  5. Presents are great, and so is a Christmas card. Head outside right now into the front yard!
  6. Bumble in Rudolph lived in a cave. He had to heat his food up over the fire because he didn’t have a microwave.
  7. You might make me at Christmas to stuff your face, I am full of cake and icing, in short, I an edible dwelling space!- gingerbread house
  8. If you hear me jingling all around the night before Christmas Day, you better get to sleep since you are hearing Santa’s sleigh! - bells
  9. You have to make me quickly to have some fun, I can’t stick around long once there is the sun!- snowman
  10. I am not seen except at Christmas, and I am no stocking or bell, I am red and white in color and shaped a bit like the letter L. – candy cane
  11. My wings are actually used as flippers, in the water I can flow. Sometimes when on land, I might slide on my belly in the snow. – penguin
  12. Everyone knows that the Claus family lives at the North Pole. You will be surprised by what you find in your cereal bowl!
  13. Holly leaves are green, and the berries are red, the next clue is hidden under the bed!
  14. Santa is known for being chubby, and he has to squeeze into that suit. He should probably eat healthier, so look where you keep the veggies and fruit!
  15. When you send a letter to Santa, you must use a stamp. Shine a light on your hunt and look by a camp.
  16. Santa’s trip around the world each year is on the news. Now go look for a clue where you keep your boots and your shoes.
  17. To stay on the nice list, you need to avoid being a grouch. Your next clue is under the comfortable cushion on your couch.
  18. Jingle bells and Frosty the snowman are enjoyable holiday tunes. Your next clue can be found in where you keep the spoons!
  19. The North Pole is a place that is like a treasure trove. It is much warmer though when you are near the oven or the stove.
  20. You probably have been feeling anxious about Christmas drawing near. Look at your reflection and find your next clue in the mirror!
  21. Poor Rudolph was bullied by the other reindeer and called lots of names. You would have played with him so go look where you keep the games!
  22. Santa knows who is sleeping and who is awake one of these superpowers. He also knows if you keep things clean, so head to the place where you’d take a shower!
  23. Winter break can mean lots of time to enjoy things besides long division. You might want to watch movies or shows, so look around the television.
  24. Holiday presents get wrapped with ribbons and bows. You can keep your eye on what is happening outside if you look at the sill of the windows.
  25. Santa might be your only guest who never is asked to knock. He is on a tight schedule so you will want to look for your next clue near the clock.

Indoor christmas scavenger

Indoor Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

  1. I have a ring but no fingers.
  2. Rudolph is Santa’s best flyer. Go look in the washer and dryer.
  3. You are getting through your list at a really good pace. Check for the next location in the fireplace.
  4. The air inside might be getting a bit stale. Make sure that you get some fresh air and look for Christmas mail!
  5. Santa Claus wears a suit made of red. You will find your next clue where you rest your head.
  6. Santa’s white beard says that he is pretty old. You can find the clue that you need where you keep the food cold.
  7. Your patience might be starting to lag. Stay strong and check where you will find the trash bag.
  8. Santa has a sleigh full of gifts and presents that he needs to give. You can check for a clue where your folded clothes live.
  9. You might be hoping to find a list of kids who have been nice. You can find a clue where you keep the ice.
  10. A present is great but you might also want a Christmas card. Head outside right now to the front yard.
  11. Rudolph was the lead reindeer because his nose was so easy to see. You will want to look for your next clue in the washing machine.
  12. Are these Christmas clues making you think? Find your next clue under the kitchen sink!
  13. Santa pops down through the chimney and leaves a gift before he departs with haste. You will find your next clue where you can floss and brush your teeth.
  14. You are approaching the end, and your clues are getting larger and larger. Keep going and find your next clue near the phone charger.
  15. This holiday scavenger hunt has acted like a caper. Look for your next clue near the toilet paper!
  16. When the kids write letters to Santa, the North Pole gets very busy and has a mail barrage. Your next clue will be found somewhere less busy so you should look in the garage.
  17. Rudolph is the only reindeer that has a flowing noise. There is no replacement. Your next clue is in the basement.
  18. Around the Christmas tree is where all the fun people are rocking. You should check for a clue where you hang your stocking.
  19. You might have looked high and low without a gift in sight. Check under the tree and remember that Santa says, “To all a good night!”
  20. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas is a tale that is told through verse. You can find your next clue near a colorful purse.
  21. If you take a look inside me, what can be seen? At rest, I show a whitened ground, and when shaken, I display a wintry scene. – snowglobe
  22. When going around the world, this is the animal that can find its way. These beasts go to every country while helping to pull Santa’s sleigh. – reindeer
  23. What do you call a vampire caught in a blizzard? Frostbite
  24. What do you get when you cross an apple and a Christmas tree? – a pineapple
  25. Santa comes home to the North Pole after Christmas. Where does he hang his suit? – the Claus-et

Christmas Riddle Scavenger Hunt Clues

  1. You put a skirt around my bottom after I’ve been chopped. There’s a star at my top. What am I? – Christmas Trees
  2. Open me every day for a treat that can’t be beaten. Behind my doors are things that you can eat. – Advent calendar
  3. I come in many colors that are lovely and so bright. I can turn your tree into a lovely sight. – Christmas Tree
  4. These guys appear in Harry Potter and LOTR as well. They make the presents that Santa gives to kids who behave well. -Elves
  5. I look like I should be on someone’s toes but instead, I hang up near the fireplace along with ribbons and bows. -stocking
  6. I am a plant that is hung above, and you use me as an excuse to kiss someone that you love. – mistletoe
  7. You might want to stuff me in your face. I am made like cake with icing and candy despite looking like a physical place. – Gingerbread House
  8. I am made from evergreens, pine cones, or even berries, and I am round. I might hang anywhere, but on the door, I am usually found. -wreath
  9. I fall from the sky prettier than rain, and there are no two of me that look the same. -Snowflake
  10. We traveled east and followed a bright star. We took gifts to a newborn king from wide and far. – The Three Wise Men
  11. Sant uses me to deliver packages far and wide. He hitches his reindeer to me so he can go for a ride. -sleigh
  12. I have two colors in me, and I am minty and sweet. You will be hooked on me, isn’t that neat! – candy cane
  13. I was snug in my bassinet on Christmas Day while my mother, Mary sang me a lullaby. Who am I? – Baby Jesus
  14. Take me off quickly to see what is precious inside. I might glitter and glimmer, and I keep secrets safe from prying eyes. – wrapping paper.
  15. When flying around the world, we bring the sleigh. We go to every country, spreading cheer along the way. – reindeer
  16. Santa loves to eat us, and we are left at every house as a treat. – cookies
  17. I am a ball, but I do not bounce. What am I? -a snowball
  18. The inn was full and the snow was falling, the manger was warm enough to be the place where a famous baby was born to his calling. – Bethlehem
  19. I am colorful and go on your tree. Metallic and shiny, I make kids smile with glee. -tinsel
  20. I move around the house all night long, checking on who is nice and naughty. I know what is going on, and don’t hesitate to tell on those being bratty! – The elf on the shelf
  21. If Frosty had a snack, what would it be? – snow cones
  22. Where does a snowman keep his money? A snowbank
  23. I am a man during the winter, but a source of water in the spring. What am I? – snowman
  24. You can buy me to eat, but you never eat me, even during the holidays. What am I? – silverware
  25. Who never goes hungry during Christmastime? – a stuffed turkey
  26. What has a lot of needles but cannot sew? – a Christmas tree

Hard Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

  1. If Frosty had a snack, what would it be? – snow cones
  2. Where does a snowman keep his money? A snowbank
  3. I am a man during the winter, but a source of water in the spring. What am I? – snowman
  4. You can buy me to eat, but you never eat me, even during the holidays. What am I? – silverware
  5. Who never goes hungry during Christmastime? – a stuffed turkey
  6. What has a lot of needles but cannot sew? – a Christmas tree

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