Team Building

Task: OMG - did you see who just walked by!!! Take a photo with a well-known celebrity.
Task: Take a photo of the team with a Bud
Task: Nobody can remember what happened last night, remember? Snap a photo of the Hangover dude with the baby bjorn.
Task: Shiver me timbers! Take a photo of a pirate (and the team!)

Project Details

Anheuser Busch
2014 AB Vegas Hunt

Anheuser Busch used Las Vegas as the setting for its 2014 AB Vegas Hunt, and the employees that participated enjoyed a Vegas style night out as they blew off some steam and bonded with co-workers. The AB employees broke up into several teams, with each team wearing its own hand-made, personalized costumes to help build team identity and encourage some friendly competition.

  • Category: Team Building
  • Client: Anheuser Busch