Corporate Events

Bedtalksdcdash etrain postapictureofyouinfront
Task: Post a photo from the Mattress Firm Store in the Expo Mall
2  bedtalksdcdash garland capturesomeoneonyourteamg
Task: Capture someone on your team giving Big
3  bedtalksdcdash hblaze postaphotofromthemallsto
Task: Post a photo from the Mall Store in the Expo Mall
4   bedtalksdcdash mikeanciso postapictureofcraigmcandr
Task: Post a picture of Craig McAndrews Coaching on stage
5   bedtalksdcdash hblaze postapictureofyouonajoh
Task: Post a picture of you on a John Deere Riding Mower
6   bedtalksdcdash suzannadanna postapictureofyouwitham
Task: Post a picture of you with a member of the NEST crew in front of Mattress Firm’s Living Sign

Project Details

BEDTalks DC Dash

With over 600 people heading to the BEDTalks Leadership Conference, Mattress Firm created the BEDTalks DC Dash as a unique and engaging way for visitors to experience the conference. The list of tasks included stops at all the different lectures available and great showrooms on display, and encouraged players to explore the entire conference. To help build the suspense, the task list included a number of “Secret Items” which were updated to reveal the task description at different points throughout the conference.

  • Category: Corporate Event, Conference
  • Client: Mattress Firm