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25 Workplace Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Updated: August 08, 2022

So you’re thinking of planning a workplace scavenger hunt: you have a day and a group in mind, but you’re at a loss for what to task them to do. This can be a common pain point for those responsible for pulling the scavenger hunt strings, so to speak.

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However, Scavify is reinventing how the workplace scavenger hunt is done, and making the process easier on everyone involved. The Scavify app streamlines the end-to-end process of planning and deploying a workplace scavenger hunt while also making it more interactive for the teams involved.

Since the planning and execution is now so easy, the only hard part is in coming up with ideas for employee tasks! However, the list below will help you build a solid list of items for your hunt!

It can also be fun to create items that specifically align with your company’s mission and culture - keep this in mind as you read through the list!

Note: the format of the task is identified in parentheticals prior to each item, e.g., Q&A for trivia items, “PHOTO” for photo, “VIDEO” for video, etc.

Idea List

  1. (PHOTO): Recreate the famous Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover with your team
  2. (PHOTO): Snap a group photo welcoming people into the lobby
  3. (VIDEO): Record yourself saying the company mission statement. Extra points for dramatic flair.
  4. (Q&A): What is the middle name of our CEO?
  5. (GPS): Where can you find the only “Blue Mountain” blend on tap in the neighborhood? Check-in there.
  6. (VIDEO): Capture someone on your team taking a unique form of transportation
  7. (PHOTO): Snap a shot of you and another member of your team with a sign showing how long you’ve worked together (in months or years, depending on tenure).
  8. (Q&A): In what year did our office location first open its doors?
  9. (QR): This takes you up to take you out. Find and scan the QR code hidden in me. (Answer: parking garage elevator)
  10. (VIDEO): Capture someone from your team surprising someone else from the office with a Random Act of Kindness
  11. (GPS): This place boasts the most roast in the area. Check-in. (Answer: local BBQ spot)
  12. (PHOTO): Find the person in the office with a birthday that’s closest to yours and snap a shot together.
  13. (QR): I am the largest liquid-drinking non-human object in the office (and I’m not the tree in the lobby). Find me and scan the QR code. (Answer: shared office inkjet printer)
  14. (GPS): Check in at the CEO’s favorite Wednesday lunch restaurant.
  15. (VIDEO): Record someone saying the ABCs backwards.
  16. (QR): You watch me and sometimes I watch you. But most of the day I sit by myself not being watched by anybody. Find me and scan the QR code. (Answer: TV in the conference room)
  17. (GPS): Check in at the only restaurant near the office to have a 5-star Yelp review.
  18. (PHOTO): Snap a shot of you and coworkers eating breakfast burritos from the food truck outside.
  19. (VIDEO): Record a group of coworkers having a contest to see who can stuff the highest number of marshmallows in their mouths and still be able to say “chubby bunny.”
  20. (QR): I’ve been here 18 months and have never moved more than a few inches but I’ve certainly grown a lot. Find me and scan me. (Answer: plant in the lobby)
  21. (GPS): Need to get somewhere faster than walking but by still using your 2 feet? Come to closest place to rent vehicles like me. (Answer: Nearest bike rental location to the office)
  22. (PHOTO): Get a photo of your entire team jumping in the air at the same time
  23. (PHOTO): Snap a photo of someone on your team “twinning”
  24. (Q&A): How many total employees does our company have?
  25. (PHOTO): Find a statue and have someone from your team imitate it

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The 25 options above are a good starting point for your office scavenger hunt, but a little time and determination will give you countless more. Get creative, and have some fun!

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