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Why Choose Scavify?

Most Challenge Types

More challenge types means more ways for participants to have fun and interact.

Mobile Browser Option

Play directly from your browser. No download necessary.

Battle-tested Reliability

We go beyond the competition where it matters most with 99.9% uptime.

Price Guarantee

We offer the lowest prices available and many different budget options.


Complete challenges. Get points. Earn rewards.

Challenges are designed to drive action around learning, exploring, interacting with others, and more. Points and rewards increase motivation, participation, and make it fun. The app handles it all.

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More challenge submission types than any other app

Mix and match challenges that educate, encourage exploration, create interaction, increase team building, or align with anything else you want to achieve.


Photo challenges inspire creativity and memorable interactions around your program.


Video challenges direct participants to record videos that capture their experience.

QR Codes

QR Code challenges direct participants to strategic locations to scan specific QR codes.


Question and Answer challenges are perfect for quizzes, trivia, and open ended survey questions.


Encourage participants to explore and find specific locations then “check-in” to verify their visit.

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice questions make your quizzes, trivia, and learning options more robust.

App Features

A scavenger hunt app that handles it all

Make your scavenger hunt more interactive and seamless for participants.

Tasks & Challenges

A neatly organized list of tasks informs each participant what is left to complete on their list.

Automatic Scoring

Who's in the lead? We have you covered with the real-time leaderboard which shows the current point standings.

Track Progress

Each participant can easily view their current points and photos to keep track of their progress in the hunt.

See Everything

See a constant stream of photos from all of the other participants as they are taken.

Virtual & Remote Work Ready

Connecting the remote and virtual world

Scavify was born ready for the demands of the virtual and remote working world. We make it easy to engage people anywhere in the world safely. Participants use the app to complete challenges anytime, anywhere. Other teams can follow along with the real-time leaderboard and photostream to engage with photos and videos from others.

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Feature Spotlight

The most interactive scavenger hunt experience. Period.

Push Notifications

Send updates and messages to participants

QR Code Scanning

Provide more levels of interaction with QR codes

Scheduling & Automation

Automate entire programs with challenge scheduling

Data & Analytics

Measure your engagement

Understand where engagement is strong or needs improvement, quantify behavior, and make decisions based on data.

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Trusted by the world's best

See why companies have made Scavify the world's most trusted scavenger hunt app

Yale University

Everyone had a great time, and the app worked perfectly!


I have gotten rave reviews from people! Very easy to use.


Our attendees had a blast using Scavify for our conference! Thank you again for all of your help.

Thousands of happy customers

Which experience is right for you?

Hands-on or hands-off, setup is so simple and we’re here to help.

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Build it Yourself

Use our super simple website builder to build, launch and monitor your activity yourself. Add your list of challenges for teams to complete, set your start and end times and launch everything into the app instantly - it’s that simple.

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Full Service

Professionally Designed by Us

Want our team to help with design, setup, and launch? Or perhaps just some additional assistance or peace of mind? Then take advantage of our Full Service to get everything setup and running effortlessly with help from our expert team.

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Turn Key

Ready-to-Go Experiences

Our team has carefully curated turn key experiences that are ready at a moment's notice and guaranteed to result in an exciting experience for your audience. Just another way we help make sure your experience is an effortless success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app to make a scavenger hunt?

Yes, Scavify is an an app for creating scavenger hunts. You can easily build your hunt online and launch it into the app for participants to play.

Is there an app for treasure hunts?

Yes, Scavify is an app for creating both treasure hunts and scavenger hunts. The terms scavenger hunt and treasure hunt are often used interchangeably, although there can be slightly different variations of each. The Scavify app can be used for both.

What are scavenger hunt apps?

Scavenger hunt apps, like Scavify, allow you to set up, plan, and run a scavenger hunt so that people can use their phone to participate rather than traditional pen and paper. Apps like Scavify make every aspect easier, including automatic scoring, real-time leaderboards, interactive ways to complete lists of challenges, and more.

What are the best scavenger hunt apps?

Scavify is regarded as one of the the best scavenger hunt apps because of it’s user-friendly interface, most variety of challenge types (photo, video, QR code, GPS, survey, Q&A, multiple choice, etc.) to build into your scavenger hunt, and reputation among customers. When looking for a scavenger hunt app you will want to consider things like how many challenge types are available to build into your hunt, user interface design and experience for participants, and platform stability (e.g. uptime). This will ensure you create the best possible experience for your participants.

How do you create a scavenger hunt in an app?

First, create a list of items for participants to find. Then set up your hunt in a scavenger hunt app platform like Scavify, including setting start/end dates/times, adding your list, and ultimately lauching your hunt to the app for participants to begin playing.

How do I make my own scavenger hunt?

First, you will need to build the scavenger hunt online, including setting up your list of challenges, setting dates and times, adding any logos or design, and launching your scavenger hunt for participants. Reach out to us get the process started.

How do you create an online scavenger hunt?

First, start with an online scavenger hunt platform like Scavify to start building your scavenger hunt. Their online platform allows you to create your scavenger hunt online and then launch for players to participate either through an online browser or through the app. Building your hunt will include setting up a list of challenges, setting dates and time, adding logos and designs, and more customizations.

Is there a virtual scavenger hunt app?

Yes, Scavify allows you to create an entirely virtual scavenger hunt using their app. Create a list of virtual items and challenges for participants to find and the app will manage just about everything else, including automated scoring, submission verification, leaderboards, start and end times, and more.

How do virtual scavenger hunts work?

Virtual scavenger hunts work by having people complete a list of items which can be found anywhere, regardless of their location, using an app like Scavify to setup, manage, and participate in the virtual scavenger hunt. People typically complete items by snapping photos, taking videos, scanning QR codes, checking in via GPS, answering quiz questions, and more. Using the app, they can follow along with real-time virtual leaderboards, share submissions via social media, and more.

How do you make a virtual scavenger hunt?

Create a list of virtual items to find using photos, videos, QR codes, GPS check-ins, quiz questions, etc. that people can complete virtually without having to be in the same place at the same time. Then use a platform like Scavify to setup, launch, and manage your scavenger hunt so that players can play through the app or a browser virtually.

How do you do a virtual photo scavenger hunt?

All you really need is a list of photo challenges that are not location specific and an online or app based platform like Scavify to allow people to participate virtually. You will also want to choose some dates and times and consider providing prizes for the top finishers.

How do I make a scavenger hunt with QR codes?

First, create a list items or challenges that will direct participants to where the QR codes will be located. For example, “Scan the QR code at the park entrance.” or “Scan the QR code in our latest Twitter post.” Keep in mind that QR codes can be placed in both physical locations (e.g. park entrance) and/or digital locations (e.g. website, social media, etc.). Then the Scavify platform will automatically create a unique QR code associated to that item which you can then place in the location. Once a participant scans the QR code with their app, the item will be completed successfully and removed from their list of remaining items to find.

Is there a QR code scavenger hunt app?

Yes, Scavify’s scavenger hunt app allows hunt creators to includes QR codes for participants to find and scan through the app. The app automatically verifies that the correct QR code was scanned or not. You can choose to mix in QR codes or create a scavenger hunt entirely made of QR codes.

What is a GPS scavenger hunt app?

A GPS scavenger hunt app, such as Scavify, allows hunt creators to set up location points for participants to find and “check-in” to using the GPS built into smartphones. For example, you GPS challenge might say: “Find the Rocky Statue located at Philadelphia’s Art Museum and check-in”. When participants visit the location, their GPS coordinates will verify if they have successfully found the correct location.

How do you do a scavenger hunt?

Scavenger hunts are designed around a list of items for people to find. Typically, participants are given a set period of time to find as many items as possible in the allotted timeframe. Points are usually associated with the items on the list based on varying levels of difficulty. At the end of the hunt, winners are determined by most points accumulated and typically prizes are awarded the winners.

What are some good scavenger hunt ideas?

Good scavenger hunt ideas include having people snap photos, record videos, find QR codes, check-in via GPS, answer quiz questions, answer survey questions, and more. You want to create a list of items that offers variety, different levels of difficulty, and most importantly fun. You may want to include physical locations, digital and virtual items, riddles, and other fun things for your scavenger hunt.

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