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Our virtual team building app drives interaction and team building using challenges and rewards that make it fun for teams to explore, interact, and connect with other.

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Combine different challenges including video, photos, QR code, trivia and more.

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The Challenges

Virtual team building activities that are as smart as they are fun

Mix and match challenges that encourage fun, test each team's knowledge, create team interaction, and increase team building.


Inspire creativity and memorable interactions with photo challenges. Simply snap, upload, and go.


Direct people to record videos that capture their experience with video challenges.


Educate, quiz, and survey people for feedback with Question & Answer challenges.


Direct people to strategic virtual locations to scan specific QR codes that can be placed on digital mediums, such as social media, websites, and videos.

Virtual Team Building App Features

A virtual team building scavenger hunt app that handles it all

Make your virtual team building scavenger hunt more interactive and seamless for teams.

Tasks & Challenges

A neatly organized list of tasks informs each team what is left to complete on their list.

Automatic Scoring

Who's in the lead? We have you covered with the real-time leaderboard which shows the current point standings.

Track Progress

Each team can easily view their current points and photos to keep track of their progress in the hunt.

See Everything

See a constant stream of photos from all of the other teams as they are taken.


Capitalize on the custom branding opportunities for your corporate team building activities.

Custom Branding

Custom Tasks & Challenges

Links to Resources


Monitor progress and make updates in real-time

Your dashboard gives you complete control to make updates, see all of the activity from teams, and even launch interactive features like the slideshow or leaderboard to display to teams.

Monitor team activity
Play slideshow
Download photos and videos
team building scavenger hunt admin dashboard
team building scavenger hunt testimonial

Several of our senior leaders said it was the best event they had ever participated in with AB – which is quite a compliment!

Building Adventures, Your Way

DIY, Full Service, and Ready-to-Go Experiences

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Build it Yourself

Create unique, tailor-made adventures from scratch. Customize challenges, design routes, and infuse your personal touch into every aspect. With the Scavify website builder as your trusty sidekick, you can add your list of challenges for teams to complete, set your start and end times, and launch everything into the app instantly - it’s that simple.

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Full Service

Professionally Designed by Us

Short on time, need a little extra help, or just want peace of mind? With Full Service, our expert team of adventure architects will collaborate with you to craft a one-of-a-kind experience tailored to your needs. From conceptualization to implementation, we take care of the details, so you can focus on what matters most—unlocking the full potential of your team.

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Turn Key

Ready-to-Go Experiences

Need an adventure at the snap of your fingers? Our Ready-to-Go Experiences are here to save the day. Choose from a variety of pre-designed adventures, each crafted with our signature blend of excitement and challenge. With just a few clicks, you can launch an adventure that promises non-stop fun for you and your team.

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