• Mobile App for the workplace
    Increase employee motivation, participation, and
    loyalty through the fun of gamification.

Happy Customers

Go Mobile

Turn your map into a fun, interactive experience. Highlight key places, encourage campus interaction and exploration.

Create a Smarter Everyone

Welcome new and prospective students and visitors with a fun experience that makes exploring campus feel more like a game.

Engage New Hires

Turn on the competitve features to create the perfect social ice breaker for any campus event. It's fun, interactive, and easy to set up.

Complete challenges. Get points. Earn rewards.

Turn your workplace into a motivated, productive and fun environment


Facilitate interaction with co-workers or create a photo quiz.

Go Places

Test their knowledge of where things are located.


Quiz employees on the new things they need to know.

Locate and Scan

Familiarize them with where things are with QR codes.

Decrease Boredom. Increase Retention.

Use the phones in attendees pockets to show off everything your exhibit or show has to offer.

Easy to use App

Take advantage of the mobile phones in everyone's pockets and provide a truly interactive experience with a user friendly app.

Explore through Fun

Enhance the exploration process by encouraging attendess to check-in to locations, take photos of themselves exploring, finding hidden QR codes and answering trivia.


Create a fun mobile scavenger hunt that will be sure to excite attendees and customers. Complete tasks, get points, earn rewards.

Customer and Attendee Interaction

Encourage attendees and customers to interact with you.

Track Progress

As participants find and complete tasks, the Scavify app automatically tracks the progress. Keep track of your current score and your overall progress.

Incentives and Rewards

Incentivize and reward employees for successful completion or simply provide them a certificate of completion. Deliver digital rewards and certificates automatically to those who complete the entire experience.

Runs Automatically

Get students to explore campus and interact with their new classmates in a fun and engaging way.


Quikcly and easily add a fun element to any campus event with a competitive mobile scavenger hunt.

Cost Effective

Provide a mobile and interactive exploration tool for any student or visitor of your university.

Effortless deployment. Maximum engagement.

Anyone can setup and manage a hunt. No technical skills required.