Sydney Scavenger Hunt

1-3 hours+
20 - Unlimited

Get ready to explore beautiful Sydney in a new and unique way with our mobile app-based scavenger hunt adventure! Our scavenger hunt promises to take your team on an unforgettable journey, exploring picturesque landmarks, hidden pockets, and discovering the heart and soul of this vibrant city while building stronger relationships and teamwork.

Sydney, Australia's largest city, boasts iconic landmarks and breathtaking scenery making it the perfect place for our scavenger hunt experience. From the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge to the pristine beaches of Bondi and Manly, our scavenger hunt will take your team on a thrilling adventure, promoting teamwork, creativity, and strategic planning.

Sydney's stunning Harbour provides the ideal setting for our scavenger hunt adventure, where your team will explore the iconic landmarks, islands, and bays that make Sydney unique. Our scavenger hunt challenges are designed to promote teamwork and collaboration, encouraging participants to work together, communicate effectively, and support each other.

Our mobile app-based scavenger hunt is fully customizable, catering to your team's unique needs, interests, and objectives. Our experienced event coordinators will work with you to create a range of challenges that align with your team-building goals while providing maximum engagement and enjoyment for all participants.

With our real-time progress tracking feature, teams can track their progress as they complete challenges, promoting healthy competition, strategic planning, and building motivation along the way. The feature also allows participants to see where other teams are standing, encouraging a bit of friendly rivalry, and promoting teamwork throughout the scavenger hunt experience.

Sydney's rich culture and history add an extra dimension to our scavenger hunt challenges, providing your team with a way to explore the city's diverse character while bonding and collaborating in an exciting outdoor adventure. From uncovering hidden street art to visiting historic sites, our scavenger hunt challenges are designed to be fun, educational, and engaging for everyone.

Our scavenger hunt experience is a fantastic way for your team to connect and unwind while discovering Sydney's most famous landmarks and hidden treasures. You'll create bonds and memories that will stay with you for years to come, improving communication, trust, and morale among your team members.

With a wide range of challenges and activities to choose from, our scavenger hunt adventure can cater to all skill levels and abilities. Whether your team is looking for a creative challenge, a mental puzzle, or a physical obstacle adventure, our scavenger hunt experience can meet and exceed your team-building goals.

Don't miss out on the chance to explore and discover Sydney in a unique and exciting way. Book your team-building scavenger hunt experience today, and immerse your team in the beautiful scenery, history, and culture of this incredible city.

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Perfect Blend of Fun, Challenge, and Camaraderie

Experience the perfect blend of fun, challenge, and camaraderie as you complete this adventure. Our scavenger hunt serves as a unique platform for team building, giving team mates the opportunity to traverse their surroundings as a united front.

As a team, you will:

  1. Improve communication skills Collaborate with teammates to solve puzzles and navigate through the city.
  2. Foster collaboration Discover each team member's unique strengths and weaknesses, reinforcing trust and teamwork.
  3. Encourage critical thinking Unravel riddles and unscramble clues that are strewn throughout the city.
  4. Enhance problem-solving abilities Work together using a blend of creativity and analytical skills to overcome obstacles.
  5. Boost team morale Revel in the joy of shared success and create lasting memories that boost team spirit.

Your Experience

Here's what you'll get in this experience

1-3 Hour Activity We've built the perfect sized activity to engage your group. You can extend and customize of course.

Includes Everything you Need Your experience includes the list of challenges, the app for participants, a dashboard for admins, and everything in between.

Download Photos & Videos Afterwards Epic photos and videos will be taken - that's a given. Save and share them after the event.

Admin Dashboard Live Updates Take control of everything and monitor the progress of your team's in real-time.

A Complete Adventure Ready to Go

We have organized everyting for you so that you can focus entirely on the fun. With an array of thought-provoking challenges, your team will laugh, learn, and bond like never before.

A few things you can expect:

Interactive Challenges Complete photo & video missions, test your trivia knowledge, and explore famous historical landmarks.

Iconic Locations Immerse yourself in the incredible atmosphere and iconic locations.

Automatic Scoring & Completion Progres The Scavify app keeps track of everything for you and your participants so you can focus on the fun.

Live Leaderboard Track your progress against other teams with real-time updates and boost your competitive spirit.

Customizable Routes Tailor the adventure to your team's preferences, varying difficulty levels and durations to create the perfect challenge.

Your Agenda

A brief overview of a typical experience. Of course you can customize any aspect of your experience to fit your needs best.

1. Quick Intro & Setup
Download the app, create team names, etc.

5-10 min

2. Sydney Scavenger Hunt
Start the hunt and complete the list of challenges

1-3 hrs

3. Post-hunt Wrap Up, Photos & Awards
Regroup to announce winners, share photos, and wrap up

15 min

Your Adventure Awaits

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