• Building a Successful Experience
    The Ultimate Hunt Experience in the Palm of Your Hand

Building a Successful Experience

You're already off to a great start by using Scavify! Below are a few things to consider when putting together your hunt or experience.

Tasks and Challenges

Create tasks and challenges that are fun, engaging, easy to follow and meet your goals.

Think Fun!

Think about the person completing the task. Would this be fun to do? Will this result in a great photo? Be creative.

How Many Tasks Should I have?

For experiences where participation rates are a defining metric of success consider fewer tasks in the 5- 10 range. For team building, employee training and personal hunts where the number of participants is known in advance consider using 20+ tasks to create a more challenging experience.

Short and Sweet

Often times tasks with descriptions that are boiled down to their essentials are the easiest to read and follow for participants.

Mix 'Em Up

Use a variety of task types to create an experience that is multi-dimensional and keeps participants interested from start to finsish.

Rewards & Prizes

The right reward and incentive depends on your goals

Use the built in Rewards

Prizes are a great way to incentivize participants. Use our built-in rewards to deliver the reward digitally or inform participants about what they may have earned for completing the hunt or experience.

One big reward or lots of little rewards?

For general promotions and marketing consider lot's of little prizes to incentivize as much participation as possible. Additionally you can always offer a grand prize on top of those for the most creative, first to complete, etc. For team building and highly competitive hunts consider FINISH ME

Redeeming Rewards

Incorporate barcodes, QR codes, and Promo codes to track reward redemption automatically. Alternatively, simply have participants show their digital reward in the app to a person in your organization to claim their prize.


Choosing the right duration for your experience

Marketing: Longer May Be Better

For marketing and promotion campaigns hunts with longer durations typically do better. This will certainly depend on your campaign but constant theme is keeping barriers to entry low and incentives high. If you are thinking about do a promotion for a day you may want to consider doing it for a weekend instead. Give people a chance to participate. Are you alienating people who may have to work or go to school that day?

Interactive Tours: Go Yearly

Get more people enjoying the experience you have created while If you are providing this experience as an interactive tour you will likely want to keep this going all year so that you can maximize it's availability to all of your visitors.

Ample Time to Complete

Think about how long it may take the average participant to complete your experience or hunt. Use a realistic assessment of time when setting your duration.


If nobody knows about your hunt don't expect many participants

Social Media

Utilize your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets as the first stop in promotion. Tell everyone about what you have built and some details to entice them to participate.

Traditional Media

Depending on what you have built you may want to consider traditional forms of media (e.g. print, radio, mailers, etc) to get the word out.


For site tours at physical locations create on-site signage that will inform participants about how to get involved.

When should I start promoting?

Typically the earlier the better. Give potential participants ample time to become interested and make time for what you are offering. A few weeks prior to the start send out some general details. A few days prior blast your outlets again about the kickoff.

Maximize Participation

The perfect balance between participant effort, incentive and promotion.

Reduce Participant Effort

If maximizing participation is your goal don't deter potential participants with an overwhelming amount of tasks. Start with a realistic time investment participants may be willing to invest and work backwards. Typically 5-10 tasks will do the trick.

Increase Incetives and Rewards

Often times the more you incentive the more participation you will get. Spread out the rewards and incentives so that participants can feel they have a shot at earning the reward with a reasonably low amount of effort.

Promote! Promote! Promote!

Once you have crafted the perfect experience with the proper tasks and rewards, it all comes down to promotion.