Spice up your holiday team building activities with an interactive scavenger hunt app!

Our turn-key Holiday Hunt comes pre-built and ready to go, helping you effortlessly create the most fun team building activities and holiday events this season.

An innovative team building activity right out of the box

Whether you are looking for office Christmas activities or fun holiday team building activities, the Scavify Christmas scavenger hunt is the perfect activity. Build in minutes, launch for anyone to play, and watch the fun happen.

Why will this be the best event you run all holiday season?

It's easy, it's fun and it's trusted by thousands

Ready in under 5 min

Build and launch your scavenger hunt app in minutes. Simple AND amazing - that's the goal.


Ditch the boring office Christmas activities and blow their stockings off with this innovative experience.

Guaranteed Fun

Scavify has been used by some of the world's most well known companies and is a success every time.

Happy Customers

The most trusted scavenger hunt app and team building activities

What is it?

A scavenger hunt app that handles your entire holiday event

The smart and innovative way to run an effortless scavenger hunt event.

Tasks & Challenges

A neatly organized list of tasks informs each participant what is left to complete on their list.

Automatic Scoring

Who's in the lead? We have you covered with the real-time leaderboard which shows the current point standings.

Track Progress

Each participant can easily view their current points and photos to keep track of their progress in the hunt.

See Everything

See a constant stream of photos from all of the other participants as they are taken.

Snap a photo pretending to be an elf on a shelf

Convince a stranger to sing a holiday carol with you in public

In what decade did Coca-Cola start using Santa Claus in advertisements?

No two are the same, spiked armour’s the game, covered with bling, a green towering thing. Find and scan me.

Check-in at the largest holiday tree in town


Complete challenges. Get points. Earn rewards.

Challenges are designed to drive action around learning, exploring, interacting with others, and more. Points and rewards increase motivation, participation, and make it fun. The app handles it all.

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More Features

The perfect mix for your holiday team building activities

In addition to the guaranteed excitement, check out what else your holiday hunt has in store.

Snap Awesome Photos

Inspire creativity and memorable interactions with photo challenges. Simply snap, upload, and go.

Fun Team Building Activities

One of the best things about a scavenger hunt event is the interaction with others on your team.

Holiday Trivia

Test your holiday trivia knowledge and learn new things about holiday history and pop culture.

Easy Setup

Have your event ready to go in minutes. Set your dates and launch - it's that simple.

Professional Design

Look like a pro with our professionally designed holiday theme that will be sure to stand out.

Create Memorable Videos

Capture the interaction and fun through video challenges that are guaranteed to be memorable.

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