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Baltimore Scavenger Hunt

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Free Public Baltimore City Scavenger Hunt

We currently have two public scavenger hunts for Baltimore City on Scavify for anyone to play absolutely free! The scavenger hunts will guide you around the city with thoughtful and creative challenges.

To play simply download the Scavify app on your Android or iOS device, after you create an account, simply search for one of the hunt names listed below - that's it!

#1 Interactive Scavenger Hunt

The interactive scavenger hunt is, well, interactive! You can see the photos and videos of other people hunting around the city with you and track everyone's progress on the leaderboard. Also, with the feed you can comment and like other peoples photos & videos!

We may even feature really creative photos you complete in this hunt right here on this page - so be sure to go the extra mile! Since this hunt is with other people we do ask all participants be at least 18 years old, or play with an adult.

In the app search for: "The Baltimore City Hunt"

#2 Private Tour Scavenger Hunt

Use the tour style scavenger hunt as a private but fun guide around the city. With the tour style, only you see the photos and activity of completed challenges, and you don't see other participants - it's your own private tour around the city!

In the app search for: "The Baltimore City Tour"

About Baltimore City

Baltimore is a major city in Maryland with a long history as an important seaport. Fort McHenry, birthplace of the U.S. national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” sits at the mouth of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Today, this harbor area offers shops, upscale crab shacks and attractions like the Civil War–era warship the USS Constellation and the National Aquarium, showcasing thousands of marine creatures. More at Wikipedia.

Safety & Our Terms

Please be safe while playing in our scavenger hunts, by participating you are agreeing to our terms of use. Do not put yourself or anyone else in danger, especially while completing challenges - we are not responsible for any harm.

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