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Employee engagement app for the modern workplace

Interactive, mobile adventures to boost employee motivation, participation and retention

Happy Customers. Happy Employees.

Employee Onboarding

Acclimate new employees through an engaging mobile adventure where they interact with new colleagues and learn about company facilities and procedures.


Provide ongoing training programs to maintain employee engagement and raise awareness for your organization’s key principles and initiatives.


Encourage employees to live a healthy lifestyle by turning your wellness program into an interactive game they can easily play using a mobile app.

Easily create a fun and engaging environment

Use customized challenges and user rewards to quickly and effectively incorporate gamification into your workplace


Create custom challenges and user rewards that align with your workplace goals and objectives.


Your custom program goes live and employees can begin using the Scavify app to complete interactive challenges, get points and earn rewards.


Track employee progress and make real time updates from your desktop admin page.

Interactive Challenges

Mix and match different challenges to create an overall experience that achieves your goals

Snap Photos

Photo challenges inspire creativity and memorable interactions throughout the workplace

Go Places

GPS challenges encourage employees to explore and find specific locations and check in

Answer Questions

Q&A challenges educate and quiz employees to achieve your program goals


QR Code challenges direct employees to strategic locations to scan specific QR codes


See why Fortune 500 companies are using Scavify

Employee Orientation Program

ExxonMobil welcomes new employees to their campus with Scavify. Employees are able to quickly learn about the organization's corporate culture, explore important areas on campus, and interact with their new co-workers in a simple, fun and engaging way.

Explore Campus
Instill Corporate Culture

App Features

Seamless design makes it easy for employees to access and participate

Clean, simple user interface

The task list will update as employees complete challenges to show what’s left to complete in a perfectly organized way.

Easy Access
Intuitive Gameplay
Completely Automated

Increase engagement. Increase productivity.

Keep employees connected and engaged using interactive features like the photostream and leaderboard which let employees see each other's photos and progress in real time.

Only 13% of employees report being engaged
Companies with engaged employees outperform those without

Employee Statistics - Gallup Survey 2012

Increase participation with custom rewards

Add incentives to your program with rewards that are automatically delivered right to your employees’ phones once they complete all of their challenges.

Mobile Rewards
Incentivize Employees
Increase Participation

Admin Features

Track, monitor and update your program in real time from the desktop

Track everything from your desktop

Easily see how your employees are progressing and make updates in real time.

Employee Analytics
Make effortless updates in real-time
Manage multiple programs
Quick to Implement

Get your program rolled out in minutes, not months. No integration process, no IT department. Just build it, launch it and go.

Cloud Based

Access everything anywhere, anytime through the web or the app. No messy software installation needed.

Lower Ongoing Costs

Don't spend a ton on expensive software and high maintenance costs. Keep it simple and cost effective.

Simple User Interface

Simple is better. Our intuitive app and desktop admin are simple and easy to understand for anyone.

Easy to Manage

Multiple admins can quickly and easily log in from the desktop to track progress or make updates.


In case you have questions or need help at any stage we have a superior team ready to answer anything you may need.

"an imaginative interactive experience enabled by a mobile app"

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